Friday, May 4, 2012

Taken By Anonymous To A Hometown By Handlebar

This morning I got an interesting blog comment from someone named Anonymous. This interesting blog comment led me to a very good blog called Hometown  by Handlebar.

The hometown is Fort Worth and the handlebars are those that you find on a bike...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Making A Prairie Note Of Tandy Hills Prickly Pear Cactus": 

Excellent Fort Worth history website: Good photography too.

Since this blog is about Fort Worth, and a bike is involved, I can see where someone might suspect that it is my blog. Well, you would be wrong in your suspicion. If you visit Hometown by Handlebar you will quickly see that it is not my blog. This blogger writes way better than I do. And takes way better photographs.

A couple blurbs from Hometown by Handlebar....

Where? (The City)
Fort Worth was established at the confluence of the upper two of four branches of the Trinity River. That confluence—that blending of elements—has served as a metaphor for the city ever since. Fort Worth is a blending of heifers and Heifetz, of pickups and pearls. It is rodeo and Radio Shack, low-riders and high-rollers, sweet tea and tequila, and a museum district where the paintings of Remington and Degas and Picasso stand shoulder to bare breast to unidentifiable body part.

Why? (The Reason)
In the beginning the answer to “Why?” was “exercise.” I began cycling for exercise during the twenty-five years or so I lived in the country, away from my hometown. When I moved back to Fort Worth, I continued to cycle for exercise. And I found that while I had been away, Fort Worth had become more bikable. On the Trinity Trails I can ride from Benbrook Lake in the southwest to Quanah Parker Park on the east or up to Camp Carter and Buck Sansom Park in the north—and with few encounters with vehicular traffic. Several major streets now have bike lanes. City buses have bike racks on front. I can take my bike with me on the Trinity Railway Express.

I think I'll add this blog to my blog list.

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