Sunday, May 6, 2012

The First Sunday Of May Seeing No BIG Moon

Already it is May Day 6, the first Sunday of the 5th month of 2012.

Black and blue seems to be the color scheme, this morning, looking at the outer world from my secondary viewing portal.

No matter where I looked, last night, or this morning, I could not see that humongous moon I kept hearing about yesterday.

With the sky being clear I don't know what was blocking me from seeing the moon. Maybe buildings and trees were causing me a personal eclipse.

It is 73 degrees this morning, heading to 90, with some possible thunderstorming predicted.

I think I'll drive up to Hurst later this morning and go to Chisholm Park, then ALDI. These plans could change.

In the meantime I am going swimming before it gets any hotter.

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