Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Saturday Morning Of May Day 19 With No Air Quality Alert

Looking skyward through the bars of my patio prison cell I see some clouds slightly clouding the clear blue sky this May Day 19, the 3rd Saturday of the 5th month of 2012.

Currently it is 69 degrees in the outer world at my location, heading to a high 20 degrees hotter.

The Air Quality Alert that I've been being alerted with the past several days is not alerting me this morning.

Last night, before the setting of the sun, I had myself a severe bout of eye irritation, burning, the likes of which I remember years ago in Los Angeles, whilst waiting in line at Universal Studios, that being the first time I experienced smog as a miserably bad thing.

I dripped Artificial Tears eye lubricant drops into the burning area, which fairly quickly abated the burning.

This is the first morning in 5 that we don't have a missing Olive the Prairie Dog to worry about.

The FW Weekly Blotch Blog has an amusing entry about the return of Olive titled Olive is Home.

It is that time in the morning where I am scheduled to go swimming, likely followed, later today, by some hill hiking. And then a visit to Town Talk.

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Sue said...

That's a good ending. Couple of points to consider about this great community: it's very important who you know, such as in the media to get such coverage for your interest (s) and in local politics to allow such large yard signs that would bring the FW gestapo branches down on the signs owner. And your dog (s) will have a substantially better chance of getting sympathy and help, as in legal, medical, (the pitbull scam last years) and media help in that and in this case.

The grandma needing help with the Little Angels memorial garden, the Carter Ave folks, the anti TRV/eminent domain abuse, and that poor paradise group, to name a few, only got some help after turning to you and some of
your fellow bloggers. Thanks for providing "alternative paths" to the FW Way, Mr. Durango.