Friday, May 18, 2012

Getting My Daily Endorphin Fix Looking For Olive The Prairie Dog

On the way to the Tandy Hills today I came upon a big billboard offering a reward for the return of the Mascot of the Tandy Hills, Olive the Missing Prairie Dog.

I am guessing that Perro Perdido means Lost Dog in Spanish. But, this is just a wild guess. I am not bilingual.

The case of Olive the Missing Prairie Dog bothers me a lot. I don't really know why. I've only met Olive a couple times.

I remember how bad I felt when I was in college and learned our little poodle, named Peppy, went missing. I remember how bad I felt when my cat, Hortense, went missing for a few days.

My Prickly Pear Patch
I know how bad I felt when my bike was stolen. A bike going missing is nothing compared to Olive the Prairie Dog going missing. Having a bike stolen is just aggravating, it wasn't something that I felt mournful about.

After I took a picture of the Olive the Missing Prairie Dog billboard I continued on to the top of Mount Tandy to get me some aerobic stimulation and that peaceful feeling that comes from endorphins.

Being an endorphin addict is a difficult monkey to have on your back. If I don't get a regular fix I don't feel right. After I get a fix I'm good to go for a few hours. And then I need another fix.

I have tried to break myself of my endorphin addiction, but I am too much of a wimp to endure the withdrawal pains and always give in and go get another fix.

I wish there was some sort of support group I could join where I'd learn how to peacefully sit still for long periods in a sedentary state eating potato chips.

I just got some BIG news. I'm going to hit the publish button then go read about it and then blog it.

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cd0103 said...

I just got the news too! I won't spoil it.