Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Closed Flimsy Gate Kept Me Out Of Quanah Parker Park Today

Do Not Run In To This Flimsy Gate
This has been a very discombobulating Wednesday day in May. I think much of the discombob-ulation came from a bad bout of nightmares last night, the worst of which had me waking up kicking a wall.

I had a long swim, early this morning. That helped mitigate some of the discombobulation.

And then, after swimming, I had a couple hours of doctor related discombobulation up in Hurst. I am not a fan of doctor related discombobulation.

Due to all this discombobulation I was not much in the mood to overheat getting endorphins from overly strenuous aerobic stimulation. So, no hills for me today.

Sometime after 3 I headed to Town Talk to get pork ribs for my Memorial Day BBQ. I got enough pork ribs to feed a lot of pigs.

On the way to Town Talk I thought a short walk at Quanah Parker Park might be a good thing, what with the temperature being so HOT (93) and a strong wind blowing.

But, upon arrival at Quanah Parker Park I found the park still closed by a flimsy gate blocking access.

This seems a bit dangerous to me. The flimsy gate is only about 15 feet from the turn off from Randol Mill Road. Not expecting a park to be gated, I can see how one could easily plow into this flimsy gate. Why is there no STOP sign on this gate, like I see when Village Creek Natural Historical Area is closed due to flooding?

Orange Cones Close Fort Worth Park
Quanah Parker Park has been closed ever since our last bout of rain.

Today, I walked past the closed flimsy gate, past the orange sign that informs anyone getting past the flimsy closed gate that the right lane is closed ahead.

I walked til I saw what was causing the closure.

It appears that a bit of erosion has eroded a little bit of the ride side of the road.

This would seem as if it were something easy to fix.

Fort Worth needs to get this fixed immediately, lest the town fall even further down in the rankings of America's big towns and their parks.

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Anonymous said...

The Star-Telegram will soon begin charging for online content. Paywall I think they call it.

Dallas Business Journal has the story. Sorry, but I am too lazy to post a link.