Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dishonorable Texas Judge Lanny Moriarty Sentences Honor Student To Jail For No Crime

UPDATE: The Matter of Dishonorable Judge Lanny Moriarty before the Texas Ethics Commission.

It has happened again. An idiot who should not be a judge, is a Texas judge, and has embarrassed himself, and Texas, in front of America and the rest of the world.

A hard luck, hard working honor student has been fined and sentenced to jail by a miscreantic Texas judge named Lanny Moriarty.

You can go here to sign a petition asking the judge to cancel the fine and the sentencing.

 The 24 hour jail sentence has already taken place, last Wednesday, in the notorious Montgomery County Jail, where Diane spent 24 hours surrounded by what Houston defense attorney Ned Barnett characterized as suspected murderers, drug addicts and prostitutes.

I don't know if there is another petition demanding this judge be de-judged.

If I were the governor of the state of Texas and one of these embarrassments occurred I would make some noise. Does Rick Perry not pay attention to what happens in the state he governs? I suspect not. Watching Rick Perry in the Republican debates, before he got laughed out of the race, I was not sure the man can read.

Below is what you will read at the location where you can sign a petition...

Diane Tran isn't like most seventeen-year-old girls her age. Sure, there are many honors students taking dual credit U.S. History, dual credit English Literacy, College Algebra, and Spanish Language AP. Sure, there are some who work part time and full time jobs like Diane does at a dry cleaners and a wedding venue. 

But, since Diane's parents have moved away, Diane does all of this to support herself and her two siblings.

For a student facing these challenges, a teacher or authority figure should have reached out to her and made sure she didn't slip through the cracks. Despite her situation, she's not just an extraordinary worker and student, she's an extraordinary human being with a fighting spirit.

The reason why we should care about her is this: The state of Texas is sentencing a young girl to a night of jail for being too emotionally and physically exhausted to go to school. The institutions that are to provide resources to youth and ensure justice are instead punishing her like a criminal and fining her $100.

The Judge in Diane's case said he was making an example of her with this severe punishment. Diane is already an example of how people her age should be acting.

Please tell Judge Lanny Moriarty, the State of Texas, and the U.S.A. to make sure that the future leaders of our nation are looked after and taken care of. Thank you.

The Texas Judge setting a bad example is currently the top story on FOX News online.


Stenotrophomonas said...

Methinks hizzoner should be made an example of:


Anonymous said...

I bet this fucktard get kickbacks from the private prison system he sent her to. Can someone investigate this and get him put into jail for several years?

The Blue Orchid said...

Ah, I see. The wise judge probably just wanted her to get a good nights sleep. No place like the Montgomery County Jail to catch up on your rest. I'm sure she will never forget the gentle lesson and the care of such a concerned minister of justice for the people.

Anonymous said...

The internet lynch mob has probably threatened the judge's life and his family members by now.

Yay internet.

Anonymous said...

Judge Lanny Moriarty
(936) 539-7801 Office
(936) 788-8374 Office
Give him a call.

Anonymous said...

If judges are elected in texas he is finished and i hope he knows it. people remember things. will have to move out of texas to be a lawyer after this. money talk so she should see if she can sue texas for traumatizing her unnecessarily and whatever she can for. perhaps the governor will take notice one it hits the pocketbook.

Anonymous said...

This piece of shit is like all the others ive seen in robes!

And what i understand is that he allegedly took a $250,000 fiduciary fund donation from DCFS/DHHS

James Two Eagles

Anonymous said...

Moriarty is a sorry excuse for a judge. It would be one thing if Ms Tran was skipping school due to miscreant behaviors like drugs and such. She is simply a model student who was put in a situation NOT of her own making. Her parents should be held accountable for leaving her and her other siblings behind.
Moriarty needs to have his sorry ass kicked out and he needs to spend a good long time behind bars. After all, it wouldnt be a death sentence.

Anonymous said...

Texas judges are elected.

Lanny Moriarty
Justice of the Peace (Montgomery) - near Houston, Texas
Term Ends: 12-31-2014
District: 1

The people can remove him by voting in someone else, though many such judges run unopposed.

So make a note in blog calendar to remind folks of Lanny come re-election time!

Kenneth L. Walters said...

Is there any way to start a recall petition for this jerk?

Anonymous said...

The SOB Judge should be removed from his job ASAP!

He is obviously a prick.

God Bless Diane and her siblings. She will be fine with the love and support of her many 'FRIENDS' throughout the world.

Diane should be Commended for being an Honor Student and raising her two siblings! God Bless her.

Anonymous said...

You may write to "his honor" at

Judge Lanny Moriarty
19380 HW 105 West, Ste 507
Montgomery, TX 77356

936.788.8374 (office)
936.788.8379 (fax)

Anonymous said...

gotta be some corrupt sheriff deputy that could plant some cartel drugs on him. then he goes to prison for 20 being made an example of to be ass-raped and killed. that would be justice.

Anonymous said...

A little googling shows this dildo licker is not a Judge..he is a little dildo boy Justice of the Peace...the lowest of the low in the judicial system..in TX these asswipes are elected by their districts..usually unopposed...and they do not need a law degree, or ANY degree at all. Up to the good people of his district to kick his sorry ass out.

Anonymous said...

Shameful.This judge should be removed

Anonymous said...

The judge is a judicial idiot. And lazy.

Anonymous said...

He must be a democrat

Anonymous said...

Can we impeach him? If we let one run loose, there will be more like him in the future.

Anonymous said...

hope to hear he dies of cancer etc

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Texas, you have another fool in government. this time a so called judge. This judge shold help the girl fill out all the papers needed to expunge his assinine sentence, and the judge shold be sentenced to jail.
I hope you're proud you red necked, biased, stupid idiots.

Stenotrophomonas said...

Anonymous @7:42:

Nope, he's a republican:

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1 (R): Lanny Moriarty Lanny Moriarty is up for re-election. Lanny Moriarty


You must be one, too.

Vincent Lee said...

Lanny Moriarty has no conscience and feeling; he is so bias, and prejudice so we do not need him in Judicial system of Texas.
Let's remove him from office ASAP or do not re-elect him. We feel so shameful of him, we don't want our tax money to pay for him. We must impeach him to prevent other innocent victims.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link Stenotrophomonas, I wish he wasn't a Republican but I just hope the people of Montgomery can find someone to run against him (unfortunately, I think the next election is in 2014!)

If anyone hears about a recall petition, please post a link for the rest of us.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Boy, did you get everyone worked up or what? Too bad I took my sweet time getting around to reading this or we could have rallied on the steps in her defense.

Durango said...

CT2---Where have you been? I have so missed your cogent commentary. I need you rallying with me on these type things.

Anonymous said...

Judge Lanny Moriarty is a Republican. Willis and Montgomery County are very Republican/Tea Party. The only political candidate signs that stand for any length of time are for Republicans, preferably Tea Party favorites. I live in Willis, and will vote for anyone who runs against him.

Anonymous said...

Other Anonymous,
Any one can use a website like Care2 or Change.org to start a recall petition for this judge.

jaybo2502 said...

No where but Texas do we have judges like this. Must be a Tea Party member. Some one should check into the deal the local cops and him got on speeding tickets. Two for one or some thing like that.