Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Sun Sets On Mother's Day Biking At River Legacy Park With Armadillos

The Mother's Day Sun Sets Over Texas
The nuclear sky orb was in sun set mode as I headed west after heading east to bike at River Legacy Park in Arlington this Mother's Day Evening.

River Legacy Park was very very busy tonight. Large family groups in Mother's Day picnic mode, or so it appeared to me.

And a lot of mothers on the trail, biking, walking, blocking the trail in places, with too many kids in tow. I'd kindly stop, til the congestion alleviated, since it is Mother's Day and one must be kind to mothers and their broods.

For the first time in a long time, tonight, I saw armadillos in River Legacy Park. A pair of the cute little critters, being very frisky. Too fast and frisky for me to get a picture. I suspect these were adolescent armadillos because they were halfway between baby size and full size. Frisky teenagers.

I believe River Legacy Park opened soon before I arrived in Texas in 1998. When I first visited this park, some time in 1999, it was not very busy. Not at all. And now, over a decade later, methinks Arlington did a real good thing when the city, or whoever, decided to build this park.

Methinks now someone needs to figure out a way to add some more parking space. There were a lot of vehicles, tonight, parked on the "NO PARKING" grass zone at the side of the road.

Also, all the outhouses need to go. I know the modern restroom is being worked on. But, there needs to be more than that one modern restroom. And there needs to be running water and a restroom by the big pavilion that people rent for events, like weddings, or whatever was going on there tonight. It ain't pretty seeing such a nice facility with a row of outhouses at the edge of the parking lot. I know it's a flood zone, but I'm sure a smart engineer could engineer a solution.

Arlington has a gem in River Legacy Park. That gem just needs some polishing and it'll be perfect.

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