Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last Night's Rain Turned Village Creek Into Chocolate

No, that chocolate in the picture is not a scene from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. That chocolate in the picture is a muddy Texas creek.

Village Creek to be precise.

I was in deep slumber mode last night when Mother Nature decided to drop some water at my location. I did not realize rain had fallen overnight til I found myself having to traverse puddles on my way to the pool this morning.

I did hear thunder booming last night. But the booming never got close enough to rattle my windows.

Not enough rain fell to flood Village Creek to the point that the Village Creek Natural Historical Area had to be closed. So, I was able to have a nice walk today with the Native American Ghosts who inhabit this part of North Texas.

I do not recollect ever seeing Village Creek look as muddy as it looks today.

Summer is still several weeks in the future. It feels like summer has already arrived in North Texas. Currently the temperature is 93, with the extreme humidity making the temperature feel like 103, according to my computer based temperature monitoring device.

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