Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Found A Terrier Today On The Tandy Hills But It Was Not Olive The Prairie Dog

This Is Not Olive The Prairie Dog
Today I was back on the Tandy Hills, looking for Olive the Prairie Dog, now missing for over 48 hours.

Until today Olive was the only terrier type dog I've seen on the Tandy Hills.

What are the astronomical chances that a terrier would run up to me today whilst I'm looking for a missing terrier?

I'd guess slim to none. But that is what happened.

But, it was not Olive.

I take it as a good omen type sign that I was visited by a terrier on the Tandy Hills today.

I also heard from my poodle nephews, Blue and Max, up in Tacoma, the caretakers of my nephews, David & Ryan and niece, Ruby, voicing their hope for the swift return of Olive...

Blue and Max have left a new comment on your post "Olive The Mascot Of The Tandy Hills Is Still Missing": 

We hope you find Olive real soon! 

I can imagine the brouhaha that would erupt in Tacoma if either Blue or Max went missing. Or if any of my sister in Kent's canine children, Bean, Tilly and Rosie the Rat Dog, went missing.

The Humans Who Were With Today's Tandy Terrier
The investment in time and medical expenses spent on those canine children is incredible. Just Rosie the Rat Dog alone has had hip surgery, braces to fix her snaggletooth and is on several prescription medications.

Bean, Tilly and Rosie the Rat Dog get to go on rather long roadtrips. Currently they are planning a 3 month excursion north via the Alaskan Highway, I think all the way to Nome.

I have not yet agreed to Bean, Tilly and Rosie the Rat Dog's request that I head north to housesit for them while they are in Alaska.


Blue and Max said...

Theo, not Ryan. Unless there is some new kid Max and Me don't know about yet!!

Durango said...

Blue & Max, I don't know why I always change Theo's name to Ryan. Sometimes the mistake is I have Theo's middle name be Ryan. This could be an age related memory problem that is only going to get worse.