Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Tanks Predicted By The Church Of The Promise Of The Barnett Shale Have Arrived At My Neighborhood Chesapeake Energy Operation

Last Friday I blogged about being bum puzzled about What Was Happening At My Neighborhood Chesapeake Energy Natural Gas Drilling Operation? 

Then The Church of the Promise of the Barnett Shale answered my bum puzzled question thusly...

Looks like the skirt around the tank battery. They will connect to the well fittings and run the gas through dehydrators to separate the gas from the nasty water, and that water will go into the tanks waiting to be hauled off. They will separate off any saleable hydrocarbons in the water and dispose of the rest, responsibly. Then Enron, I mean Chesapeake will find a way to pipeline the dry gas out for sale, being very fair about how much the lease holders share will be of the proceeds. Information brought to you by The Church of The Promise of the Barnett Shale.

Today when I stopped at my neighborhood FW Weekly purveyor I saw that The Church of the Promise of the Barnett Shale was right, at least about the tanks, because today big tanks are being lifted in to place.

If the badwater gets separated and hauled away after being separated from the gas, where does the gas go?

I'm back being bum puzzled again.

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