Friday, June 1, 2012

Was Utah's Shooting Star The Inspiration For The Trinity River Vision Boondoggle's Drive-In Movie Theater?

No. That above is not an artist's rendering of the upcoming Grand Opening of the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle's Drive-In Movie Theater. What you are looking at above is a screencap from the Shooting Star Drive-In website.

The Shooting Star Drive-In is in Escalante, Utah. The Trinity River Vision Boondoggle Drive-In will be in Fort Worth, Texas.

My #1 researcher, CatsPaw, discovered the Shooting Star Drive-In in her quest to discover what was the inspiration behind J.D. Granger adding a drive-in movie theater to the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle, after expanding the TRVB into wakeboarding with the world's premiere artificial urban wakeboard lake and into the restaurant business with the Woodshed Smokehouse.

I suspect J.D. Granger took his gang of hard drinking junketeers on a fact finding mission on Highway 12, in Utah. Known to be one of the most scenic highways in America. And, though this area may be dry desert country, there are some water features to inspect, like Calf Creek Falls and Lake Powell.

Lake Powell was the result of a slightly bigger lake vision than the pond that may result from the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle and was a more legitimate use of the Army Corps of Engineers. The Lake Powell Vision saw no signature bridges, though, which the TRVB saw, til it went blind in that area. The only signature bridge on Lake Powell is a natural one called Rainbow Bridge.

If J.D. Granger was inspired by the Shooting Star Drive-In to open the first drive-in movie theater in a big American city, in decades, he sort of toned down the inspiration from what he saw at the Shooting Star Drive-In.

The Shooting Star Drive-In, in addition to showing movies, is a destination resort, sort of. You can stay in one of eight vintage Airstream trailers, with movie viewing decks, for bargain prices that start at only $149 a night. Or you can watch the movies from one of seven vintage convertibles. If you have your own RV, the Shooting Star also has a spot for you.

I can not imagine why J.D. Granger chose not to add an overnight camping option to the Trinity River Vision  Boondoggle Drive-In Movie Theater.

It could be Texas themed.

Maybe tepees, since the drive-in will be by the location of an old Indian camp near where Marine Creek runs into the Trinity River.

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