Sunday, June 24, 2012

Escaping The Heat Under The Village Creek Shade While Texas Rattles With Earthquakes

The water in the pool was warmer than the air this morning. When the water in the pool is warmer than the air the water in the pool is not as refreshing as when the water in the pool is cooler than the air.

The air at my location is currently being heated to 96 degrees, with the high humidity causing that air to feel like it is 106 degrees.

106 degrees is HOT.

Until the humidity burns off or the temperature drops, I think I will not be doing any Tandy Hills hiking.

Today for my noontime constitutional I opted for the soothing shade of the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

I thought, due to the HEAT, that I'd have Village Creek all to myself. I thought wrong. The parking lot was almost full.

As you can see in the picture there is a lot of foliage along Village Creek, with some very big, very old oak trees. The oak trees are likely so old they shaded the Kickapoo, Wichita and other tribes of the Caddo Confederation who lived here before they got their eviction notices from the Texans.

With summer barely arrived I am thinking more and more that a trip to the Pacific Northwest for the first time in 4 years is sounding real good. I think I'd like to escape the heat and be chilly for a few weeks.

It'd also be nice to get away from these earthquakes that keep shaking me up here in Texas.

Washington has not had an earthquake in years.

While Texas seems to be constantly in shake mode, though likely not building up to a BIG ONE.

 But, who knows?

There's been a lot of tampering with Mother Nature on this part of the planet. Mother Nature can be a real bitch when she gets tampered with.

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Steve A said...

Even a BABY quake in the PNW makes a GIANT Texas quake "green with envy." At least if bigger was better as seems to be the Texas mindset.