Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Possibly Avant-Garde Tall Weed Infused Fort Worth Freeway Landscaping

Weeds Grow Wild  on Eastchase & I-30
in Fort Worth
When I was in Arizona a couple months ago I was not long out of the airport when I began noticing that, no matter what road or freeway I was driven on, landscaping made the landscape look real nice.

The Phoenix metro area's landscaping along roads and freeways was not just cactus and palm trees, there was also color involved in the form of many Bougainvillea plants.

For years I've been making note of the fact that Fort Worth does not landscape (or de-litter and de-weed) the two freeway exits to the town's #1 tourist attraction, that being the Fort Worth Stockyards.

A couple days ago, when heading towards Wal-Mart after biking along Village Creek I noticed the landscaping at the Eastchase Parkway overpass over I-30. I was appalled.

Yesterday the red light stopped me right before crossing the overpass, so I quickly grabbed my camera and took the photos you see above and below.

I see this type of Fort Worth only landscaping at all the Fort Worth freeway exits, entries and overpasses that I frequent.

Heading North Past Weeds on Eastchase Parkway
It occurs to me that this landscaping style may be a purposeful thing. Maybe some abstract avant-garde landscaping design designed to make people from other towns green with envy when they see the cool futuristic Fort Worth landscaping.

Other towns in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex subscribe to the more conventional West Coast/Arizona style of landscaping.

Arlington, for instance. The new overpasses over I-30 are very Arizona-esque with the way the road has been tarted up with murals and landscaping.

Arlington's next neighbor to the east, Grand Prairie, also does a fine job with its landscaping and tarting up its freeway exits.

Just north of my abode, the first exit from the I-820 freeway to the town of Hurst, is a nicely landscaped welcome to the town.

North Richland Hills is very Arizona-esque with the landscaping on its major boulevards.

And then there is Fort Worth. Very perplexing.

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