Thursday, June 7, 2012

An Under A Bumbershoot Rainy Walk Around Fosdick Lake With Carlotta Camano

Today, in the noon time frame, a slow, northwest type rain was drizzling down.

So, I went to Oakland (Lake) Park to walk around Fosdick Lake under a rain shielding bumbershoot.

Carlotta Camano went walking with me today.

Carlotta called me a couple days ago, leaving a voice mail, which I forgot to return til today.

Carlotta is probably the best verbalizer I verbalize with. Some verbalizers drive me nuts with their bad verbalizing, doing things like using way too many words to describe way too little.

Carlotta verbalizes in perfect English, with complex sentences and a narrative flow to the verbalizing that makes it effortless to listen to.

As I walked around Fosdick Lake, talking to Carlotta Camano  I was surprised to encounter other people under bumbershoots enjoying the chilly temperature and the rain.

Currently it is only 68 degrees in the outer world at my location. I do not know why my air-conditioner is running. I think I will go turn it off and open some windows.

Okay, the windows are now open and it is starting to get chilly in here. I'm sitting here wondering why the air-conditioner was running. Is it in some sort of malfunction mode?

I must cease with this important blogging and email Betty Jo Bouvier now, to tell Betty Jo what Carlotta had to tell me.

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