Monday, June 11, 2012

A Pleasantly HOT Bike Ride With Indian Ghosts & TV Crews After A Vexing Library Experience Thinking About Going To Phoenix

Video Crew At Village Creek
My temperature monitoring device indicated the outer world was feeling like a 107 degrees around 5 this afternoon. The real temperature was only 96.

So, I decided to escape air-conditioned comfort and go warm up by riding my bike with the Indian Ghosts at the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

But, before I visited the Indian Ghosts I went to my neighborhood Fort Worth Public Library because I was in dire need of reading material.

My neighborhood public library is quite nice.

Except for one thing.

Waiting in a long line to check out books. Very inefficient. I know that self checkouts have arrived in Texas, because I have seen them. Fort Worth needs to upgrade.

I was, eventually, at the head of the long library line. I sort of inadvertently started a minor revolt when I turned around and said this library needs a self check out line. Suddenly the line of waiters got loud, sharing their experiences in other, more modern, libraries, in other towns, more modern than Fort Worth.

Like Arlington and Grapevine.

I saw a sort of odd thing (picture above) when I exited the Village Creek trail onto the Bob Findlay Linear Park Pioneer Trail. There was a lighting set up for TV filming, with an old geezer, in a suit, being a talking head to a camera. This was in front of the informational memorial type installation that explains who Bob Findlay was and how he created Interlochen.

Changing the subject back to my bike ride.

I'd forgotten how pleasant it is to ride a bike when it is HOT. You stay cool as long as you are moving. But, when you stop, you're an instant sweat monkey.

I got back here to find a pleasant surprise in my email. My baby sister emailed asking if there was any chance I could join her, Kristin, Ruby Jean, Theo John and David Jay in Phoenix in December.

I think that is very doable. I have not yet met my two new nephews and niece.

Spencer Jack's favorite uncle, that being my nephew, Joey, texted me last night with a question about Dallas. So, I called him back and had myself a fine time talking to Joey.

The subject of Joey going to Phoenix, came up. Methinks maybe Joey should also go to Phoenix in December. If Joey's big brother, Spencer Jack's dad, and Spencer Jack, also journeyed to Phoenix in December, that would have only one of my closest relatives remaining in Washington, that being my oldest sister, who is currently lost somewhere in the wilds of British Columbia, trying to find her way to Alaska.

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Anonymous said...

The Southwest Regional branch has self checkout.