Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Shadow Of The Tandy Hills Thin Man Grows Thicker As Summer Nears

As you can see looking at the Shadow of the Tandy Hills Thin Man, the Thin Man has gotten way thicker since the last time a photo was taken of his shadow.

Indicating, it would seem, that the Thin Man has gotten thicker.

That, or the sun is directly overhead due to it being in the noon time frame, thus creating the illusion of a thicker Thin Man.

Prior to leaving the air-conditioned comfort of my abode I heard a voice on the radio say there was a chance of thunderstorms to the south of Interstate 20, and maybe later tonight, incoming from Oklahoma.

Then, about 2 seconds later, another voice came on the radio saying the National Weather Service had just issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, with the need to watch for a thunderstorm continuing til 5 this afternoon.

We have about 4 hours to go before we can quit watching for thunderstorms. So, far, I'm seeing nothing that looks stormy. Below is the current weather condition at my locale...

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