Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Sunday Walk & Talk With A Sluggish Fosdick Lake Turtle

Usually the Fosdick Lake turtles who live in Oakland (Lake) Park are very skittish. A group will be sunning themselves on a log and before I can get my camera out of my pocket the group leaps for the safety of the polluted lake.

But today one of the Fosdick turtles was behaving very strangely. That is the turtle I'm talking about in the picture.

You can not tell it from the picture, but the turtle is sitting on a short log.

I got my camera out of its pocket, turned it on, with the turn on chirping noise usually spooking the turtles, if they'have not already been spooked.

But, this turtle was impervious to my camera's chirping noise. So, I started taking pictures. Each snap of a picture makes a chirping noise. The turtle just kept turning his head in circular motions like the possessed girl in The Exorcist.

Maybe the Fosdick turtle is traumatized by all that odd green stuff growing in its lake. I know I would be unsettled if green stuff suddenly started growing in my home.

All in all, this has been on odd Sunday, so far. I was up real early, went swimming soon after the sun arrived. The north to Hurst around 10 this morning. Late to Oakland (Lake) Park. Lunch was fried chicken and potato salad.

Yes, this has been a wild weekend so far. If it continues on this wild trajectory I am going to be exhausted by day's end.

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