Friday, June 1, 2012

Sven's Skagit Strawberry Patch Is Not In Poteet Texas

Dirty Ol' Sven Holding A Box Of
Skagit Valley Strawberries
In the picture you are looking at a box of strawberries.

You are also looking at the first husband of a young lady who taught me not to step on thyme when I was in high school.

The strawberry holder is known by various names. In strawberry mode he goes by Sven Burwash. By another name, Sven is the author of a major best seller titled Vis Major.

Being a best selling author is what Sven does to make a living. Growing strawberries is what Sven does for fun.

I can not remember the last time I had a real strawberry.

The last time I was in Washington was well past strawberry season.

A Driscoll strawberry from California is not a real strawberry. It looks like a strawberry, it sort of tastes like a strawberry, but if you've had a real strawberry, a Driscoll strawberry is a pale imitation.

Texas grows strawberries, down by Poteet. Poteet has a real big festival to celebrate its strawberry harvest. I have not had a Poteet strawberry. Poteet does not grow enough strawberries to export this far north. Poteet is south of San Antonio.

I'm guessing a Poteet strawberry, to me, would not taste like a real strawberry, but that prejudice may be unfair, due to being appalled by the peaches touted as being so good at the Parker County Peach Festival in Weatherford.

During my first time sampling peach products at the Parker County Peach Festival I told myself maybe they had a bad year. A few year's later I was back. Still not good peaches.

I remember wondering what one of those Parker County people would think if they were in Yakima or Wenatchee and came upon a Peach Orchard and tasted one of those peaches? Would they scream out "Dang, is that what a peach is supposed to taste like?"

Back to Sven and his strawberries.

The past few days Sven has been advertising his strawberries on Facebook with the following...

Get the kids, grandkids, stray kids....come on up to Ole and Sven's Strawberry Patch and take Sven's Strawberry CHALLENGE! Can you or one of your group get as dirty as ol' Sven here after picking just ONE flat of juicy berries?


Remember, at Ole and Svens' U-pick/We-pick;
You only pay for the ones we see
The ones in your tummy leave for free
Yah Sure Ya-betcha......

Sven got several comments to his Facebook strawberry posting, including the following one from my nephew, Spencer Jack's dad, which elicited a warning from Sven ...

Jason Jones: Will for sure keep up the annual tradition...of picking the berries for free after dark...

Sven Burwash: Just don't step in one of our lutefisk booby-traps...

Those pesky Skagit Valley strawberry growers and their notorious lutefisk booby traps.


Steve A said...

Friends don't let friends go to WSU. From the "Partners for a Coug Free America. The partners ask your loyal reader to look at that shirt and ask yourself "Is this appropriate for a general audience or is it simply Pullman pron?"

Durango said...

Steve A, as troubling as it may be, I know way too many people who spent 4, or more, years in Pullman for me to make any sort of judgement regarding Cougar appropriateness for a general audience. Or a non-general audience.