Saturday, June 2, 2012

Back Hiking The Tandy Hills Again With CatsPaw Talking About Inconsequential Nonsense

In the picture you are looking west across a prairie on the Tandy Hills at the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth.

Yes, I was back hill hiking today for the first time since rain fell a few days ago for three days in a row.

I was expecting to find some muddy locations on the Tandy Hills' trails. But I found none.

Apparently the hills dry out faster than I realized, from deluging downpours, this almost hot time of the year.

Speaking of beautiful downtown Fort Worth.

This morning we learned from Travel + Leisure magazine that the people who walk the streets of downtown Fort Worth are the 6th worse dressed people in America.

Shocking news.

I wondered how it was that Travel + Leisure magazine arrived at its conclusions at to how a town dresses.

That Fort Worth fashion plate who goes by the name CatsPaw also had an opinion about the importance of this type ranking of cities.

CatsPaw had this to say, sort of in poem mode...

Two words whether you're pro or con "fashion" in any of the named cities:

Who. Cares.

I can think of two more for the media world. One word starts with an "F" and the other with an "O."

Can you tell I dislike this kind of

Inconsequential. Nonsense.

What I think I am understanding CatsPaw to say is that she does not approve of fashionable cities. What I can't figure out is what two words, starting with "F" and  "O", that CatsPaw is directing at the media world.

Almost as important as this serious Worst Dressers issue is the fact that one of CatsPaw's fellow fashion plates, Elsie Hotpepper, has gone missing again.

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