Sunday, June 3, 2012

Olive The Prairie Dog Officially Anointed Official Mascot Of The Tandy Hills Natural Area

Olive the Prairie Dog
Official Mascot of the Tandy Hills

Today, in Don Young's Prairie Notes #66: Sea of Gold we learned  it is now official that Olive the Prairie Dog is the Official Mascot of the Tandy Hills.

Last month Olive the Prairie Dog had a lot of people being very concerned about Olive suddenly, mysteriously, disappearing.

And then suddenly a lot of people were very happy upon learning of the news of Olive's safe return.

In this month's Prairie Notes Don Young had this to say about Olive and her disappearance and return...

Debora and I were amazed by the overwhelming response to the disappearance and return of Olive the Prairie Dog. The hills are literally her front yard. As a pup, she took to them quite naturally, navigating the tall grass by leaping and floating like Michael Jordan to get her bearings. She knows the creeks and valleys like the back of her paw. She's known by every Rabbit and Roadrunner and loved by every Kid on the Prairie. So...

By all the power vested in me, I hereby anoint Olive the Prairie Dog, the Official Mascot of Tandy Hills Natural Area.

It's about time.

I went to the Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area website to see if the latest Prairie Notes were posted yet, so that I could link to them, to find they were not, but I did find a page about Olive the Prairie Dog where I saw my name mentioned in a way that made me feel good.

I like feeling good. It happens so seldom.

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