Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dallas Is Back To Looking Good On TV

In the picture you are looking at a TV screen cap from last night's opening credits of TNT's re-boot of Dallas.

Along with millions of people, all over the world, I was a fan of the original Dallas. Though, by the end, I thought it was time for Dallas to die.

I suspect millions of people watched last night's Dallas and found themselves pleasantly surprised to find themselves not thinking it would have been best to leave Dallas to TV history, or as I said it in the title to my post on my TV Blog, Dallas Returns In Surprisingly Good Form On TNT.

I started watching Dallas, in re-runs, the summer after the first season of Dallas ended with much of the world obsessed with finding out the answer to the question of "Who Shot J.R."

The summer of 1980 was the first time I visited Dallas and Fort Worth. I remember watching a Dallas re-run at what was then a Ramada Inn at Beach Street and I-30, in Fort Worth. Ironically just a few miles from where I live now, over 3 decades later, and walking distance from the Tandy Hills, which I will visit later this morning.

I always liked the opening credits of Dallas, with the Dallas theme music. I was pleased that the update Dallas version did not tinker much with the opening credits, except for updating them with the 2012 version of Dallas, which includes a Dallas Cowboy Stadium. In Arlington.

The Dallas credits open with a view of the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Dallas, zooming over what I now know to be Interstate 30, across the flood plain of the Trinity River.

In the new Dallas opening credits you can see some of what I think is the Dallas Trinity River Vision project.

The opening credits include a shot of one of the Dallas Vision's signature bridges. I think it is called the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

The Dallas Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive has been added to the Dallas opening credits. And probably a lot of other things, that I did not catch, that have sprouted up in Dallas since the original went off the air.

The new version of Dallas is filmed in North Texas, unlike the original which was shot mostly in Hollywood. The Hollywood version did not have North Texas looking like North Texas actually looks, which is one of the reasons I have more than once had Washington friends comment on one of my Texas photos, asking if it is really that green here.

Dallas 2012 has the Southfork Ranch land looking green, just like it likely looks at this time of the year.

Methinks Dallas, the town, should be quite pleased to have Dallas, the TV show, back on the air, showing the world, once again, that Dallas is one good-looking town. Filled with money mad, double-crossing cheating schemers.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of money-mad, cheating schemers, CNBC will broadcast a special about the theft of the Seattle Supersonic nba team on Friday night. Also, local CBS news had a story during their 10 pm broadcast about why a large swarthy of the north side of Gateway Park has been gated off from public usage.