Friday, June 15, 2012

Up On A Pedestal With The Veterans Park Soldier Thinking About Going To Trader Joe's & Other Aggravations

Due to last night's heavy rain, I decided Veterans Park in Arlington was a good, likely wet-free, walking option. That and I wanted to go to ALDI.

I would have rather gone to Trader Joe's, in Fort Worth, which had its Grand Opening today, but a madhouse was expected, with parking problems.

When I arrived at Veterans Park and saw the memorial, I saw a young lady on the pedestal where the soldier who guards the memorial stands.

I do not know what this young lady was doing with the soldier, but it appeared very odd to me. Some girls just go gaga over any man in a uniform. Or so I heard. Somewhere.

I've had an odd day. One of those odd days where one aggravation after another clears up. The biggest aggravation to clear up has been aggravating me since February. It involved Facebook, AT & T, M-Qube and a local entity which I will now refer to as Buzzard Electronics, because the Customer Care person at Buzzard finally took care of the problem.

I kept avoiding blogging about my aggravation with Facebook, AT & T, M-Qube and Buzzard Electronics, and was right on the verge of doing so, using the actual name of Buzzard Electronics, because I felt I'd given them plenty of time to take care of the problem.

I will get around to blogging about this aggravation, because it is an aggravation that I know has aggravated a lot of people.

Another aggravation that got cleared up today was confusion over a contract.

Another aggravation was a malfunction of my air-conditioning system. The air-conditioner system repair people fixed that aggravation while I was out and about today.

Changing the subject from my chronic aggravations to something else.

Rosie the Rat Dog and Entourage are now far enough north on the Alaska Highway that darkness does not arrive til after 10. The latest update on Rosie the Rat Dog's Alaska! blog has some really good photos of what it looks like to drive the Alaska Highway. And a lot of bears.

And there is one photo of that famous location on the Alaska Highway where thousands of stolen signs have been erected. Rosie found one with my name on it.

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