Monday, June 11, 2012

Hiking The HOT Tandy Hills Thinking About Lunch At Camp 18 With Elsie Hotpepper

The outer world was heated to 91 degrees when I hit the hills today. The humidity was 51%, which had the Heat Index registering at 102. The predicted high for today is 98 with the Heat Index a HOT 110.

Summer does not arrive for over a week.

In the picture we are looking north towards Alaska on a trail located near the heart of the Tandy Hills.

Today I realized my sister, ex-wife and 3 dogs have been heading north to Alaska since last Wednesday and I have not heard from them.

My sister told me I would be being sent pictures that I was expected to blog. Others were told to be expecting to see pictures on the aforementioned blog, including my mom.

By now the Alaska bound caravan should be well north of the border, deep into British Columbia.

Speaking of other people up north.

I got a postcard today from Elsie Hotpepper, sent from her namesake town of Elsie, Oregon. I do not know if Elsie stopped in Elsie at the Camp 18 Restaurant and Logging Museum.

I do know Elsie Hotpepper is an aficionado of anything that has anything to do with logging.

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