Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fishing & Walking With The Snakes & Indian Ghosts Along Village Creek

Futile Village Creek Fishing
I was not in the mood to get too HOT today during my daily salubrious endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation.

With very little wind blowing, and the temperature nearing 90, I knew my delicate sensibilities would be better suited, today, for a nice cool walk under the big trees in the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

I was not alone. A lot of people were taking a walk today with the Indian Ghosts which haunt this area.

I came upon a mom with 3 kids, fishing. That is them, above, in the picture. The picture was taken from the dam bridge that crosses Village Creek in this location, with the trail continuing on, turning into the Pioneer Trail of Bob Findlay Linear Park.

Where the mom with 3 kids are fishing is the location, where, years ago, I saw a huge water moccasin cross the creek and make a bee, I mean, snake line towards me. I quickly roller bladed to safety.

Snake in the Water
I climbed down the embankment to where the mom with 3 kids were fishing and told the mom about Chisholm Park, in Hurst, which has a stocked with fish lake. And shade. The mom was glad to learn of the park in Hurst. Apparently her oldest boy is a nut about going fishing, but seldom catches anything.

A short distance from where the futile fishing was taking place I came upon the snake you see above. I have no clue as to what type snake this is. It was not aggressive. It seemed to be enjoying itself in the water flowing over the dam.

Changing the subject from snakes to something else.

I think I must have had really bad nightmares last night. I've had this horrible sense of foreboding all day long. I thought a nice, long swim this morning would shake the sense of foreboding. But, it did not.

I think maybe I am having this sense of foreboding due to the fact I keep procrastinating dealing with fraudulent thievery perpetrated by something called M-Cube, in cahoots with Facebook, AT & T and their local enabler called Hawk Electronics.


Sarah R said...

I am not sure why, but when you can't identify a flower, or in this case a snake, it's a challenge to me as to whether I can come up with it.

This appears to be a Blotched Watersnake (http://www.infobarrel.com/Texas_Water_Snakes)

Durango said...

Thanks for identifying the slitherer Sarah R., I was afraid it might be a Rattlesnake, due to the diamond-like look. But I could see no rattle and the head looked too small to be a Rattlesnake.