Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Listening To Fosdick Lake Trumpeting Flowers Thinking About My Non Southern Gastronomical Turtle-Free Upbringing

These big orange flowers seemed to be sounding some sort of trumpet call towards Fosdick Lake in Oakland (Lake) Park today.

However, the big orange flowers were silent when I saw them, no trumpet call of any sort.

The temperature was 83, with 78% humidity, supposed making the Real Feel of the temperature 91 degrees, when I left air-conditioned comfort today to seek some salubrious outdoor activity.

The think the humidity measure-er was off.  A wind was blowing. Methinks the Wind Chill Factor was making the Real Feel be something like 76 degrees. Brrrr.

I saw a dozen or more turtles today, jumping off logs in to Fosdick Lake when they felt threatened by my Turtle Soup making presence. Intuitive creatures that they be.

Speaking of Turtle Soup. Yesterday after being unable to find the Tandy Turtle I blogged about my surprise at learning that Turtle Soup actually exists, along with lots of recipes directing one on how to make reptile soup.

Making Turtle Soup generated an amusing comment from someone with the unusual name of Anonymous....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "On The Turtle Free Tandy Hills Thinking About Making Turtle Soup": 

Your non southern gastronomical upbringing is on display. 1881? Most all my semi current regional cookbooks (particularly the Louisianians) include such delicacies and are much less complicated. Perhaps it is still served in New Orleans restaurants though I can't recall my last pre Katrina visit. What I do recall is my first and only taste experience as a child with my parents. A nice Miami restaurant. Tanks of live fish and sea turtles from which you assumed your meal had been captured earlier. Turtle soup in the late 60's-early 70's was still popular in the poor rural areas of the south. If you snagged a turtle while fishing; it went home for dinner. The sophisticated city palate liked it too. The rest of us shuddered. Maybe you should visit a big Asian grocery store and see what they're doing these days. 

I hate it when I inadvertently put my non-southern gastronomical upbringing on display. I have never seen any turtles available in the seafood sections of the Asian grocery stores I visit in Arlington's International District.

I wish Anonymous would have told me what turtle tastes like.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you know this since you mention their "trumpet call," but I believe that flower is Campsis radicans, the "trumpet creeper."


Enjoying the blog.