Saturday, June 9, 2012

Having A Wild Weekend On The Tandy Hills With Mesquite Thorns

I believe, in the picture, that is a thorn on a dead mesquite bush that looks like it is about to hit me in the face, today, on Lost Sunglasses Ridge on the Tandy Hills.

Today was my first day back hill hiking since a downpour chased me off the Tandy Hills on Wednesday.

The trails on the Tandy Hills have dried out, for the most part, from the recent deluges.

It felt real good to be back doing some heavy duty aerobicizing.

It was 84 degrees when I hiked the hills, with the almost 50% humidity making it, supposedly, feel like 92.

How is 92 supposed to feel? I have no idea.

After I was done with the hill hiking I did some Town Talking, spending some time in the Town Talk cooler cooling off.

When I checked out, the checkout lady who always engages me in pleasant small talk, like last Saturday she told me her mom had died, today asked me if I had a wild weekend planned. I indicated I did not have a wild weekend planned. I asked the checkout lady if she had a wild weekend planned. She said she never has a wild weekend planned and only hopes to get to hear about other people's wild weekend plans.

I'm not quite sure I know what a wild weekend is. I suppose if one does not know what a wild weekend is it is likely logical to conclude that one has never had one.

Maybe I'll go on a Saturday evening bike ride at River Legacy Park. Would that constitute a wild weekend activity?

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