Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rosie The Rat Dog Has Dispatched From Alaska Shaking, Rocking, Rattling & Rolling While Filthy Dirty

This Honda SUV Was White In Washington
Those of us in the Lower 48, monitoring the progress of Rosie the Rat Dog's journey north, on the Rosie the Rat Dog Alaska! Blog, have been a bit concerned due to the fact that there had been no report from Rosie since last Saturday.

Til today.

We can now be a bit less concerned, because Rosie the Rat Dog has published a blog update titled Shake, Rock, Rattle and Roll!

Apparently Rosie the Rat Dog and Entourage are now at the part of the Alaska Highway where the road becomes a bit rough and more weather worn.

Rosie the Rat Dog and Entourage are also far enough north where tonight's sunset will be something they've not seen before. Below is part of Rosie's description of what they will see...

On the Summer Soltice, June 21st, the sun will not set. It will dip to the top of the mountain range and then rise above. Tomorrow we cross the river on a very small ferry and climb into the hills on a highway called "Top of the World" that leads us to our destination of Alaska.

I must remember to email Rosie the Rat Dog and tell her how easy the spelling checker works in the Blogger program, so that we can't cease with alternative spellings like "Soltice" and "increadable."

Though, I sort of liked the new "increadable" word.

I find the picture of my sister's formerly bright white Honda SUV to be a bit surprising. My sister is a bit of a fussbudget about things like keeping her vehicles spotless.

I am not suggesting she is totally neurotic about this, but I won't argue with you if that is what you think. So, to see this level of dirty is a bit shocking.

I hope their caretakers are at least keeping Rosie the Rat Dog and her sisters, Bean and Tilly, less dirty than the SUV.                                                                                                

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