Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hot Hiking The Tandy Hills With A Missing Hotpepper & Cats

Green Leafs Above
Dry Tandy Falls
I'd not been on top of Mount Tandy for well over a week, til today. Since I was last at that location the wildflowers have pretty much left the scene, as has the field of green.

The prairie has now turned brown, despite last week's 3 days of rain.

I am now wondering if somehow the Tandy Hills missed out on getting hit by any of the downpours, because today I found Tandy Falls being Tandy Dry Falls, with Tandy Creek dried up.

The outer world is currently heated to 95 degrees at my location, with the 45% humidity making it feel like 102.

Who figures out what the temperature really feels like?

I do know that by the end of my hill hiking today I was a very hot sweaty mess. But, a strong wind blew across the prairie atop Mount Tandy, which quickly had me cooled down. A little.

Changing the subject from one type of hot to another.

I am very concerned about Elsie Hotpepper. I do not think I've heard from Ms. Hotpepper since May 31. I do not remember Elsie going missing this long before. Calling the Hotpepper Hotline gets a leave a message message.

Changing the subject from missing Hotpeppers to cats.

Yesterday a strange phenomenon occurred on Facebook. Miss Connie had been posting photos of her cute new kitty. Then, right on top of the latest cute Miss Connie kitty photo, CatsPaw posted a photo of her new kitty. I do not think Miss Connie and CatsPaw know each other or that both got themselves new babies on the same day.

If I had to choose which was the cuter kitty I think I'd have to go with Miss Connie's. I've always been partial to orange cats.

Now you are probably wondering who I think is cuter, Miss Connie or CatsPaw. Well, that is a very dicey question to answer. I'll have to go with the fact they are equally cute.


CatsPaw said...

Occasionally, you are a master of diplomacy. :)

cd0103 said...

Congrats CatsPaw!