Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Saturday Evening River Legacy Bike Ride Appalled At Way Too Many Outhouses

The River Legacy Pavilion Restroom Facilities
It's been a few weeks since I've been to River Legacy Park, in Arlington, on a Saturday evening.

Usually River Legacy Park is very busy on Saturday evenings. Tonight, that was not the case.

Usually, on Saturday night, there is something going on in the River Legacy Pavilion. I've seen many a wedding celebration take place there, and reunions, and company parties, and other big get togethers the nature of which I was unable to determine.

Ever since the River Legacy Pavilion opened, and events started taking place there, I have been appalled by a couple things.

One thing that appalls me is there is no running water. No sink. Yet there is a big BBQ type pit where cooking meat products takes place.

In addition to no running water, there are no modern restroom facilities at the River Legacy Pavilion.

There are modern restroom facilities an inconvenient distance from the Pavilion.

Inside the River Legacy Pavilion Looking Towards the
Row of Outhouses
I know it would be difficult to engineer a modern restroom facility at the location of the Pavilion, due to the fact that this area floods. I have seen it under water twice. The existing modern restroom facility is elevated above the potential flood level.

River Legacy Park is one of the nicest parks in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. River Legacy Park would be a nice park in any city in America.

Except for this vexing modern restroom facilities and running water problem.

I don't understand why there is such a cavalier attitude at this location on the planet about something like modern restroom facilities and having running water available where people BBQ and picnic.

Is this cavalier attitude some holdover from the days when the South was way poorer and sort of behind the more advanced development of the North?

I have previously opined about this Outhouse Issue. I recollect verbalizing my appallation regarding the dozens upon dozens of specially designed Dallas Cowboy outhouses that are installed in the parking lots surrounding the stadium. A stadium that cost more than a billion dollars. It seems a little ironic to have that humongous futuristic stadium surrounded by dozens of outhouses.

At River Legacy Park, the Pavilion outhouses are not the only outhouses. Another line of outhouses is near the modern restroom facility, due to the fact that that modern restroom facility is not all that big, and so, likely, requires the extra outhouses to handle the crowds that crowd River Legacy Park at times.

There are more outhouses at the Collins Street parking lot on the north side of the Trinity River. This area also floods.

But, I really think the fact that these areas flood is not a legitimate excuse for not building modern restroom facilities like modern cities do in modern parks in more modern parts of America.

That also flood.

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