Friday, August 22, 2008

Jerry Horton Gives Up Fight Against Cheseapeake Energy

I was shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn this morning that Jerry Horton has given up her fight against Chesapeake Energy. On the same day Jerry Horton was scheduled to be in court for a condemnation hearing she reached a settlement with the people threatening her with eminent domain abuse in order to run a natural gas pipeline under her front yard.

A few of Jerry Horton's neighbors continue to fight against settling. Jerry Horton will get $15,500 for signing over the right of way. Chesapeake, well, actually a division of Chesapeake Energy that does the pipeline laying, called Texas Midstream Gas Services, has contracted with Jerry Horton to put the pipeline at least 20 feet below the surface, with no vents or any other surface protrusions. And will replace any of Jerry Horton's trees that die within 6 months.

It is very rare for a gas line to be installed under houses. The gas line will affect the property value. It must be disclosed to any potential buyer. Having a gas line under heavy pressure underneath your home is not seen by most people as a good thing.

There are currently more than 1,100 gas wells drilled or planned to be drilled within Fort Worth. These wells require a growing web of pipelines throughout the city. Nothing like this has ever been done in an urban zone before.

Jerry Horton felt she did not have the resources to fight Chesapeake. She could not afford the legal fees. I would think that in all of Fort Worth, or Tarrant County, or Texas, there would be at least one good lawyer with a conscience who would take on a case like Jerry Horton's, pro bono. For the public good.

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