Sunday, August 24, 2008

Charter Communications Not Communicating

I did not watch much TV when I was up in Tacoma. I did not turn on my TV here til Friday night. I wanted to watch something on Bravo. But my Bravo channel, #72, was now a blue screen. I then switched to channel #49, Turner Classic Movies. Also blue.

What fresh hell is this I wondered?

So, even though I knew nothing good would come of it, I called Charter Customer Service. I don't know why they call it that. There is no service. The customer doesn't matter. I know I reached a call center in a foreign land. The Ukraine perhaps, maybe the Philippines, maybe India. I don't know. Joe wouldn't tell me where he was. These foreign customer service people always have fake American-type names, or so it seems.

I told Joe I wasn't getting Bravo or TCM on my cable connection. Joe told me that I was incorrect, that he can see I am getting Bravo and TCM. I told Joe all I'm getting is a blue screen.

Joe then asked me if I was interested in getting a Charter telephone. Why would I want a Charter Telephone, I asked Joe? You people are somehow losing my TV channels, why would I want to trust you with phone calls?

It is now Sunday and I'm still getting a blue screen of death when I want to watch Bravo. I talked to another Charter victim this morning and asked if she noticed any missing channels. She was missing SoapNet and is now 2 weeks behind on Young and the Restless. Quality of life is being detrimented by Charter's cavalier treatment of its customers. If you fall 2 weeks behind on Young and the Restless you may never catch up.

I guess I could go to the Charter website and see if there is any means to email a complaint. I think I've gone down that road before and found it fruitless.

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Anonymous said...

i just wasted my time trying to talk to customer service and all i got was some vague answer about them they moved moving certain channels to a higher cable package and some channels are just gone. no replacement channels.