Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tootsie Tonasket

I've developed a habit over the years of collecting some rather diversely kooky characters via email and website feedback. Way back in 2003 an entity calling herself Tootsie Tonasket emailed me with a question about the Branch-Davidians. If I remember correctly she somehow thought I was a member of that cult. This was to be the first of many many Tootsie Tonasket confusions over the years.

Tootsie Tonasket has sent me all sorts of things. I get real nice birthday presents and a big box filled with good stuff for Christmas. Okay, I know this slightly contradicts what I may have said before about me getting ignored on special occasions. That may not be exactly true. That's more directed at those who do actually ignore all the significant events in my sad little existence. Like when I turned 30. I believe I've carefully parsed the verbiage when I claim to being ignored on these highly important occasions.

Anyway, I digress. So, in addition to sending me things in the mail, some of which I really don't want to mention in this venue, Tootsie Tonasket also sends me some soap opera type drama details.

Tootsie Tonasket's emails often read like a torrid, trashy novel. For example. Her son had a baby with an older woman who left the son for a series of bad guys. Tootsie Tonasket's son then took up with the lovely lady you see above. She's posing, especially pretty, at Wenatchee's Apple Blossom Festival.

We'll call this girl Sissy. Well, Tootsie Tonasket's son got tired of Sissy. Sissy then took up with Tootsie Tonasket's husband, an old bald guy 30 years older than Sissy. This affair became Peyton Place scandalous in the little town they all live in.

After breaking Tootsie Tonasket's husband's heart, Sissy moved on to a new conquest and at last report she is now expecting a baby with a married guy in Yakima. This all took place in the last 3 months, or so.

This morning Tootsie Tonasket sent me the photo you see above of Sissy. She told me to do with it what I wanted. What would I do with it, I thought, but tell the story of why it is that Tootsie Tonasket would be sending me photos of some girl named Sissy.

None of these people get outside of MySpace World, so there's no chance they'll happen upon my blog. Unless Tootsie Tonasket directs them to it.

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Kim said...

What a scandalous story! If I ever make my way up to the PNW, I will keep my eye out for that Sissy character. E-V-I-L! Thanks for the public service announcement.