Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tacoma Meth & Me

One of my Tacoma acquaintances has a son who has a good, responsible job in Hawaii. He works for 5 months in a row and then he gets 5 weeks off, during which the company will fly him anywhere he wants to go.

During his 5 weeks off my acquaintance's son always chooses to come home to Tacoma. He'll stay with his mom and dad for a couple days. And then disappear, drawn back in to Tacoma's meth drug culture.

This is a kid who, til a few years back, would have nothing to do with drugs or alcohol. But, for some reason some how he discovered this meth stuff. Unlike most meth users this kid can get on and off the stuff.

His most recent meth bender ended a couple days ago. I saw him yesterday. I was shocked. He looked like he'd been beat up, battered all over, open sores, black eyes.

I can't imagine doing this to yourself. He said the wounds hurt. They looked like a bad infection ready to happen. I feel sorry for his mom and dad, watching them try and cope with this.

His mom made some reference to the damage and the kid said it's the price for having fun.

Very disturbing. Life sentences need to be the norm for whoever makes and sells this meth stuff.

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LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

I haven't posted a comment b/c I thought it would be overrun with other's sentiments...
It hurts my heart to read about that guy.
I have a friend whose son is an addict. He is spiraling out of control. After 2 years of rehab, support, unconditional love She is 'done'. He won't do the work.
But then when you so messed up you don't think you have a problem...
xo lulu