Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jerry Horton Battles Chesapeake Energy & Fort Worth

Just when I think that the bad stuff being done in Fort Worth by corrupt companies like Chesapeake Energy can't get worse, they find a new way to hit a new low.

One of Fort Worth's best blogs, West & Clear, recently told the story of what Chesapeake is doing to one fine lady in East Fort Worth named Jerry Horton. I live in East Fort Worth. I am often in Jerry Horton's neighborhood. I was there today.

West & Clear and others produced the below excellent video in which Jerry Horton tells you what Chesapeake Energy is doing to her. You who don't live in Texas, can you imagine this happening in your state? In the West Coast states I'm pretty sure Chesapeake Energy would be run out of town or end up in jail for fraud and illegal intimidation tactics and who knows what else. In Texas, though, it's still the Wild West and the law does not do a good job of protecting the interests of the little guy.

Shocking stuff. Watch the video below. Read the West & Clear article here. If someone wants to send me the source video I can YouTube it for possible viral/worldwide distribution.

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jmj said...

Thanks for posting up about this.

You can actually find the source video on the Vimeo page (bottom right corner). Also, the video is on YouTube at: