Sunday, August 24, 2008

Craig's List Vexes Me

I know Craig's List is a real good thing. Last winter I found a guy on Craig's List who fixed my brakes and all sorts of things. And it was way cheaper than going to one of those annoying car fix-it places.

During my brief time in Tacoma I put a dining room table for sale on Craig's List. It was easy to set up an account. But goofy things happened that vexed me. Like the listing would disappear. Or Craig's List would tell me to fix an error marked in red. This would bring up an accept the terms type thing, which I'd click and then get told I'm violating the rules by trying to post the same listing twice!

I figured this was a fluke due to me committing some obvious user error. But, this morning I put a Laser Hand Level on Craig's List, that you can go here to see and buy, and the same thing happened.

This time I got told to fix an error. This error was I'd not confirmed my email address. When I did so and clicked 'continue' I got that warning, again, about violating the rules by trying to post the same listing twice.

I'm guessing I'll have about the same luck selling this laser level tool as I did selling my sister's table. Which is still for sale.

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Hugh said...

I sometimes have the same problem registering with newspapers on-line or on accessing medical publications. My very simplistic way of dealing with it is to say: "I've tried three times and get more error messages so if it's this much trouble forget it, you've just lost my business".