Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chesapeake Energy Pokes Another Fort Worth Hole

I left my abode today and headed in a northerly direction for the first time since my return from a northerly direction a week ago today. Before I left for my month of aversion therapy in Tacoma I'd noticed an odd giant wall-like thing growing beside a road known as Randoll Mill Road.

Today I found out what the giant wall-like thing was. Well, what it is associated with, I still don't know what it's for. But it has something to do with yet one more Chesapeake Energy drilling operation in my neighborhood. So, I felt compelled to take some pictures of my new neighbor.

As you can see, this drilling operation is very close to the road. I wouldn't want to be driving by if it decided to go boom.

Above is a view from a greater distance. What you are looking at is the intersection of Randoll Mill Road and Handley-Ederville Road. The Chesapeake Energy operation takes up the northwest corner of that intersection.

That's the wall I referenced above. It is on the west side of the drilling operation. I don't know what its purpose might be, unless it's to block some sound from reaching some upscale houses a short distance away.

The drilling rigs are always very patriotic, flying both the American flag and the state flag of Texas. There are no houses within 800 feet of this drilling operation, of that I am fairly certain. However, there are several liquor stores close by, due to this location being on the border of a dry zone. I live in a wet zone.

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