Friday, November 21, 2008

Texas Salvation Army Bell Ringers Accept Credit Cards

I don't like how Wal-Mart lets various charities, petition purveyors or even Fort Worth Star-Telegram subscription hawkers set up at their entrances, harassing shoppers as they come and go. It's very annoying.

For about 2 weeks ago now the Salvation Army has taken up their annual bell ringing positions outside stores all over America, including Wal-Mart.

Whenever I am held up by one of these type things, be it the Salvation Army or someone seeking money to help kids play soccer, I always say "I don't have any money, do you take credit cards?" Of course the person wanting money always says no to the credit card question.

Til now.

A dozen or so D/FW Metroplex Salvation Army bell ringers are now able to answer yes to my credit card question. Since I've no idea which of the 500 or so Metroplex bell ringers are able to accept credit cards I have to find a new way to say no.

If you do come across one of the Salvation Army credit card acceptors and you want to make a donation the minimum donation if you use a credit or debit card is $5. The ruthless, uncharitable credit card companies charge the Salvation Army 25 cents per transaction, plus 2.9% of the amount donated. Heartless bastards.

If you donate by card you'll get a receipt for tax purposes, it being a tax deductible donation.


Blue and Max said...

We tell the Salvation Army folks that when they stop discriminating against gays and lesbians, we will donate. Trust us, it is easier to say that to a bell-ringer than it is to a Boy Scout at our door for food donations. But it works for both.

Anonymous said...

why not just say, "no". I've never had trouble telling everyone from girl scouts to Shriners that I'm not interested.