Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wink Delivers A Texas Christmas In June

Christmas was pretty bleak this year in Texas, not that I'm complaining. When it comes to Christmas, I'm pretty much Jewish. I've never been a fan of the holiday. Am always glad when it's over. I don't send anyone a Christmas card. I may get a card or two. I don't buy anyone a Christmas gift or mail anyone anything. I don't think anyone mailed me anything this past Christmas. I may be remembering wrong.

So, imagine my surprise upon going to the Post Office today and opening the P.O. Box to find a note telling me a box too big to stick in the box was awaiting me at the service counter.

There was no line, I walked up and handed the nice Post Office Mail Lady the note and she soon came back with a BIG BOX. The return address on the BIG BOX was Wink, Texas. Wink is the West Texas where Jammin Mole resides and Gar the Texan used to reside til he was asked to leave town. I think there were issues with his mullet style hair, what we in the Pacific Northwest call a Pocatello Doo, due to people in that isolated Idaho town having a fondness for the mullet style.

Anyway, I digress. So, I hauled the BIG BOX to my vehicle, got back here and with great struggle, in the 100 degree heat, managed to get it inside to air-conditioned comfort. I was so thrilled at the unexpected surprise BIG BOX that I decided I had to photo document this rare moment. The first picture, above, is the BIG BOX.

I studied the intricate wrapping and taping on the BIG BOX a long time to figure how best to open it. Eventually I decided on a course of action involving a knife. Soon after that I was lifting a variety of objects out of the BIG BOX. I arranged some of the objects to facilitate a photo.

In the BIG BOX there was a real cool Roy Orbison t-shirt, from last weekend's Roy Orbison Festival. There was a book. A cool little cowboys card. And I don't mean Dallas Cowboys, I mean little boy cowboys. And then there was a bird house in the BIG BOX. With the shape of Texas carved on one side. And a business card so I can arrange to have the Roy Orbison Museum opened for me next time I'm in Wink.

The above is on the bottom of the bird house, confirming that the BIG BOX came from Jammin Mole. I was pretty much 100% certain of that, but this confirmed it.

The Roy Orbison t-shirt was an X-Large. I was afraid it wouldn't fit. But as you can see, it fits. It's also really really long. Like a night shirt. If I was a pajama user this might be a nice substitute on a cold night. That's the Wink Birdhouse that I'm holding.

So, I've really been having myself one HOT BIG DAY in Texas. Up before 3 in the morning, swimming in the dark, virtually going to New Braunfels and the Schlitterbaun, hiking at the HOT Tandy Hills and getting a Christmas present in June from Wink.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow. I'll be looking at Austin. And hopefully wide awake sometime closer to the crack of dawn. See you then, or maybe sooner.


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said... got the BIG BOX! There was a choice between white and black tees...Annie said that black was classic, so that's what ya got. ;)

You look very handsome in your new black t-shirt and Orbison shades.

Durango said...

I loved the BIG BOX. And those photos of Wink and other environs were great. The little Annie ones, very cute. It pleases me that the new black t-shirt and Orbison shades made me look very handsome for once! I shall wear them non-stop.

Durango said...

I forgot to say THANK YOU!

Gar said...

I can't believe you made fun of my picture.

Durango said...

Jammin? Did you make fun of a Gar picture? Or is he imagining I did?

twister said...

One cool cat, it'll be October before you can wear it tho. =)

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I don't know Durango, maybe he's referring to his pic of him sportin' his mullet doo.

Durango said...

Did I miss something? I don't recollect saying anything about that or any picture. However, the Pocatello Doo was referenced. I suspect, maybe, Garboy may have been doing some blogging, again, under the influence of adult refeshments.

I dunno, Mister Twister, there might still be too much sun for a black shirt in October.

Gar said...

Geez. I never had a mullet when I met Durango. The only time I had a mullet was briefly in 1991. I have a picture somewhere, but I don't know if I want to share it.

But, having said all of that, the picture I was referencing has nothing to do with mullets.

It's here.

Durango said...

The picture you were referencing had nothing to do with anything being referenced here, hence the wave of confusion you so maliciously caused.

Why did you reference in this blogging that picture of you praying in Mexico while looking greasy with a Maynard Krebs type goatee? That is just confusing.

I can understand why you are in denial regarding your mullet. But there is photo evidence. It's been a long time since you were so badly follicularly challenged, so why not simply embrace your embarrassing history instead of these continuing feeble denials? You had good company during that era. You were trying to look like Billy Ray Cyrus, weren't you?

Gar said...

I referenced the fact that you commented on my praying picture in a negative way when you appear on this particular posting as if you are some kind of gangsta thug porn star with a bird cage. It's unsettling.

Durango said...

Garbo----Geez, all I said about that picture was you appeared to be praying. I know you are not a fan of praying, but that really is not all that negative. Now, saying I look like some sort of thuggish, gangster porn star, well, I'm not quite sure if that is negative or a compliment. I'll choose the latter and say thanks.