Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Roy Orbison Festival This Weekend In Wink

My West Texas Corespondent, Jammin Mole, has told me that this coming weekend, June 19 & 20, the 20th Annual Roy Orbison Festival is coming to Wink.

The festival will feature a California Rockabilly Boogie group called Truly Lover Trio.

On Friday the Pretty Woman Contest takes place. I'm pretty sure Jammin Mole will be the winner of that contest.

On Saturday the festivities start off at 9 am with a parade, likely featuring the winner of the Pretty Woman Contest. There will also be an antique car show and flea market.

Then, Saturday evening, Wink's main drag gets closed to traffic for a street dance and concert.

Big crowds are expected for the Roy Orbison Festival. There is plenty of parking. Please be careful when driving in the Wink vicinity. Sinkholes are known to suddenly appear. If Wink's infamous ghosts worry you, you needn't be concerned. The Wink ghosts are all friendly.


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

What a tremendously generous post...I have just found out that Wes Orbison, Mr. Orbison's son, will be the opening act for the Truly Lover Trio on Saturday night. There will be concerts both Friday and Saturday evening starting at 8:30 PM. Tickets are $10 each or $15 per couple. Something new this year; an Orbison Festival Softball Tournament. I'm tickled pink...:)

Gar said...

I used to live in Wink. They say that if you eat a foot long hot dog in Wink, you'll end up 2 inches out of town.

Seems that you should be tickled orange J'Mole.

Have you mentioned to D that everything is orange?
Even the little flier has orange text.

Durango said...

You and Jammin Mole both come from Wink? And everything there is orange? How can one little itty bitty town have so much going on? Ghosts, sinkholes, Roy Orbison, Gar the Texan, Jammin Mole. Wink must be a HUGE tourist attraction.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Gar, Halloween happens to be my most favorite holiday:)so, I don't mind the orange and black. Good news...the haunted house and carnival made a reappearance last year and will now become once more an annual event, thanks to Peter Lara (remember him?).

Durango, the old post office is lime green and bright pink.

We have also capitalized on Wink's largest tourist draw...a new softball team rightfully named the Sinkholers.