Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rain Falls On Wink's Roy Orbison Festival

We are on the road to Wink in the picture above. Today is Day Two of Wink's Roy Orbison Festival.

My on the ground corespondent in Wink, Jammin Mole, reports this morning that Roy Orbison is crying on his festival in the form of continuing rain.

Jammin Mole did not say how the rain has affected the festival. Or who won Friday night's Pretty Woman Contest. I am fairly certain that Jammin Mole won, but that she too modest to be the one to report that news.

Earlier in the month Jammin Mole reported that a big storm had passed through Wink on the morning of June 10. By 6 pm, that same day, that same storm thundered through North Texas, dropping a lot of rain, knocking out a lot of power and blowing a lot of wind, some in tornado form. I don't know if today's Wink storm is heading this way.


The Winepunk said...

Would be curious to know how Jammin Mole got her name, and also if Roy actually wrote anything besides Pretty Woman...seem he was a bit of a cover guy, distinctive voice and piano chops notwithstanding...

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Winepunk...I'm thinking that he wrote a few original songs, but I could be wrong...nobody gave Elvis a hard time and he did plenty of covers. Let's see...Only the Lonely, Crying, It's Over and you've already mentioned Pretty Woman.

Now the name? You have but to know an object by its proper name for it to lose its dangerous magic ~Canetti

The pouring rain sent Friday night's concert in doors at the EXPO Building...The early morning rain caused vendors to rush and close their canopies, but by 9AM...the torrential downpours ceased...I believe it's because Wes Orbison arrived. All in all, the festival has been unscathed by the rains :)

The pageant winner was local beauty...Shelbi Richardson. I sent you a link in mail. ;)