Monday, June 22, 2009

100 Degrees In Fort Worth

That's our Fort Worth, Texas 7-Day Forecast above. It would appear things will be heating up in these parts. But right now, a half hour before 9 in the morning, the windows are open, the temperature is a chilly 75 and it is peacefully quiet due to no air conditioning running. And no ceiling fan spinning.

Yesterday my only aerobic activity was swimming. No hiking, biking or blading. This had me running a bit of an endorphin deficit that had me cranky by late afternoon. I won't let that happen today. I am still in endorphin bliss mode from this morning's alligator-free swim.

I'm heading to the Tandy Hills, today, before an endorphin deficit kicks in again. Before that I'm visiting Fredericksburg, Texas, virtually. I like that town.


Don Young said...

Bring it on. Hot, cloud-free summer days are one of the few things I love about FW. The hotter the better. Maybe that's because the year I was born, '51, had 40 days of temps above 100 degrees which makes it 8th hottest on record going back to 1898. Those of us born that year are part lizard, distantly related to your pool guest. We also like our AC. Solar powered when possible.

Tootsie Tonasket said...

Love heat. If tired send it my way. Rain last few days. Swear in that so called other life, I was a cacti.

Durango said...

I thought you were being hot up north? As in nearly 100? I don't think you were a cactus in a previous life, you were likely a lizard, like Don Young.