Monday, June 22, 2009

10 Foot Long Alligator Killed In Fort Worth

I did not know, Sunday morning, when I blogged about an alligator skinnydipping in my pool that Saturday night a short distance from my abode a 10 foot long, 400 pound alligator had been roaming around.

A comment from Mister Twister, to the blogging about the gator in the pool, was the first I heard of this other alligator incident.

The alligator had been hit by a vehicle, breaking the gator's back legs and tail. A person in another passing vehicle spotted the injured alligator on Trinity Boulevard, south of the Bell Helicopter/Hurst Trinity Railway Express Station.

A call to 911 had Fort Worth police and a Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife responding. It was decided to put the alligator out of its misery, rather than try and tangle with a live, injured alligator in an attempt to get it to a vet who was willing to work on a giant reptile.

The area were the alligator was found is sort of a lowland, Trinity River flood zone where there are a lot of ponds and lakes. The paved trail at River Legacy Park goes by several of those type lakes. I had no idea I should be on the lookout for alligators, in addition to snakes, bobcats, panthers, tarantulas and armadillos, while pedaling my bike at River Legacy. The mountain bike trail there goes through what would seem to be prime alligator territory.

At the Fort Worth Nature Preserve there is a sign letting you know that there are alligators in the marshy waters between Eagle Mountain Lake and Lake Worth. The sign warns you not to feed, kill, molest or attempt to move an alligator. What sort of pervert would molest an alligator?


twister said...

Someone interested in the Danza Macabra, I would think.

Durango said...

Danza Macabra? Is that the answer to the question at the end of this blogging? As in what sort of pervert would molest an alligator? Now I'm gonna have to find out what a Danza Macabra is. I hate having to learn new stuff. Okay, I looked it up. Dance of Death. Some one tempting death by molesting an alligator?

twister said...

Ya, I can see the grim video playing out now. A grinning idiot transformed into shrieking prey.

Natural One said...

The Goat Man at the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge has been know to molest the young aligators. He stays away from the adults. Of course the Goat Man was the child of a wino (from the old wino farm out there)and one of the goats they raised (I heard rumor from one of the naturalists that the goat wasn't half bad looking either). The Goat was eaten and the wino moved on so Goat Man came from a broken home and just began to take it out on the gators, Sad but true story.

Durango said...

Thanks for the Goat Man info, Natural One. I must investigate. So far I've learned there is a Goat Man urban myth based up in Maryland. But somehow this Fort Worth Nature Center Goat Man story is sounding familiar.