Saturday, June 25, 2016

Wichita Falls Floral Heights Gold Dome Leads Me To Possible Turkey Trot

A week or so ago I mentioned I might get around to blogging about a Gold Dome I came upon whilst driving the streets of Wichita Falls.

Apparently this is the day I get around to blogging about the Gold Dome.

Soon after taking this photo of the Gold Dome, hovering above a couple buildings which have seen better days, I turned a corner to learn the Gold Dome sits atop the Floral Heights Methodist Church.

I was not expecting the Gold Dome to sit atop a Methodist Church. I figured it might sit atop a mosque. Which would have been interesting. The Methodist Church under the Gold Dome is a mish mash of architectural styles, including a church entry with multiple tall columns which looked more like a courthouse than a church.

A short distance past the church I began seeing signage indicating I was in the Floral Heights Historical Neighborhood.

It's been multiple days and I have yet to learn why this neighborhood is named Floral Heights or why it is historical.

I did learn the neighborhood has a Historical Floral Heights Neighborhood Facebook page. But on that page I was only able to learn the Floral Heights Neighborhood has a lot of dog issues, garage sales, and community events, like turkey trots.

But nothing about why the neighborhood is named such or why it is historical.

And now I have the added mystery of figuring out what a turkey trot is.

The learning process is never ending....

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