Thursday, June 23, 2016

Vote For Spencer Jack To Make America Great Again Instead Of His Grandma Cindy

Now this is interesting.

Ever since my Favorite Nephew Jason took My Favorite Great Nephew, Spencer Jack, to a Trump Rally at the Lynden Fairgrounds in my old home state, nine year old Spencer is thinking he is old enough to run for president.

Just like Trump, Spencer Jack doesn't understand how the process actually works. He's only nine years old, after all.

Unlike Trump, Spencer Jack is able to speak in complete sentences using polysyllabic words, so it is understandable that Spencer Jack would hear Trump's meaningless word salad way of talking and think I can do better than that.

Apparently after Spencer Jack told his grandma, she being my Favorite Ex-Sister-in-Law, Cindy, that he was running for president, Cindy told Spencer Jack that she was running too.

Again, apparently, this caused Spencer Jack to make the campaign poster you see above, in which Spencer admonishes voters not to vote for Cindy, but to vote for Spencer, because a vote for Spencer will make America great again.

Just one more indication of the profound effect Donald J. Trump has had on the American presidential election process...

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