Friday, June 24, 2016

If You Are Well Born You Find The Trinity To Be Disgusting

Now, I found that which you see here to be a bit amusing. Some people's sense of humor and sarcasm is evolved to such a higher level than mine.

One of my Facebook friends who I do not know and have never met, named Christine Welborn, shared someone named Chris Putnam's post,

Chris Putnam had commented "Hope everyone enjoyed the Panther Island tubing event last night! You might want to see your doctor today."

To which Christine Welborn commented "The Trinity is disgusting. You won't see me getting in it."

As you can see, I then commented the following...

"The Trinity is no different than the water you drink. You are a water bigot. To prove the water was safe, J.D. Granger drank a glass of Trinity River water as it flowed by his imaginary pavilion and island before the river was opened to floaters on Thursday. I assume reports that J.D. Granger is now hospitalized to be simply vicious unfounded rumor...."

Then someone named Claudia Kenngott Bevill responded to what I had said with what I previously referred to as a sense of humor and sarcasm evolved to a much higher level than mine....

Claudia Kenngott Bevill How stupid can one be! I drink purified water, but you can go ahead and drink the sewer water if you like it!

Methinks this Claudia gal must be a real hoot. I wish she was one of my Facebook friends who I have never met and don't actually know....

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