Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Visiting A Swinging Bench With Massive Mansions At Hamilton Park In Wichita Falls

Today my commune with nature took place at yet one more Wichita Falls city park that is less than a mile from my abode.

Hamilton Park.

I don't know if this park was named after the Founding Father Hamilton named Alexander, who was shot and killed by Aaron Burr, or a famous locally Hamilton.

What I do know is several of the mansions along Hamilton Road across the street from Hamilton Park appeared to be inspired by houses from the Colonial era, like Jefferson's Monticello. One of the mansions looked like the White House was the inspiration.

In my memory the only place I have been which looks like the Hamilton neighborhood is Beverly Hills in California. At some point in time a large number of people in Wichita Falls must have been making a large amount of money.

In the Dallas/Fort Worth metro mess zone the only location I ever came across remotely close to this Wichita Falls collection of old mansions with massive grounds was in Dallas around White Rock Lake.

I think I have already a mentioned a time or two that Wichita Falls has more park benches in more locations than I have ever witnessed in any other town.

Of all the Wichita Falls parks I have visited Hamilton Park had the most unique park bench I have seen yet. That of which I speak is that which you see above. This bench was a bench swing, which swung quite vigorously.

Mr. Galtex is a well known aficionado of benches, traveling all over the world looking for special places to sit. Methinks Mr. Galtex would really like this swinging Hamilton Park bench.

Also, in this picture, in the background you see something rarely seen in a Fort Worth city park, which I have seen in all the Wichita Falls city parks I have visited.

A modern restroom with running water.

Wichita Falls is a modern American city, unlike that Texas town I once lived in for far too long....

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