Saturday, June 18, 2016

Water Is Awesome In Fort Worth Along With Other Childish Nonsense

Just got a text message from Elsie Hotpepper, first line...

And here it goes again....


Billboard off I-30 before downtown Fort Worth, with the billboard having a website address...

I went to the Water is Awesome website to find myself appalled to quickly learn it is yet one more bizarre money wasting production of the TRWD, also known as the Tarrant Region Water District.

Also known as the parent of America's Biggest Boondoggle, also known as the Trinity River Uptown Central City Panther Island Vision.

Is Water is Awesome replacing the very embarrassing Lawn Whisperer waste of money?

I realized a couple days ago that I will no longer be getting the slick quarterly propaganda pieces from America's Biggest Boondoggle touting imaginary progress in their mostly imaginary project.

Who convinces those in charge at the TRWD that an advertising campaign of this sort has any justifiable impact on the way people use water?

Or is this latest money waster just another example of the TRWD's funneling of funds to entities associated with the good ol' boy and girl network which runs Fort Worth?

The town I am currently in, Wichita Falls, went through a five year drought trauma which severely affected this town. Since I have been here I have not seen a single billboard telling me things like water is awesome or about some guy whispering to a lawn.

I have read articles about ongoing efforts in this town regarding its water supply, but no childish propaganda type nonsense, such as what is so frequent in Fort Worth.

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Anonymous said...

Currently reading about Cicero and the legal maneuvering that took place in the late Roman Republican era. The cases that went before the Extortion Courts and the Embezzelment Courts are so parallel to what the swells in Fort Worth are up to. Overstatement of the dangers and understatement of the costs and EVER the hosing of those not in the Big Money Club. There should be a Forum and a Rostra, from which these clowns have to address the populace, so we can pelt them this rotting vegetation and toss them in the fetid river water. Tiber and Trinity had the same composition of filth! Togas anyone?