Monday, June 13, 2016

Another Day Another Wichita Falls Thunderstorm Downpour

Just like yesterday, today when I left my abode I soon saw that the sky was looking a lot more menacing than the sky looked looking out any of my window views on the outer world.

My intention today was to jog around my friendly neighborhood fish pond prior to going to Walmart to get a toaster oven.

It takes about a minute to get from my abode to the fish pond. I arrived to see a couple groups of fisher people. A strong wind was blowing. But no precipitation was precipitating.

I did my jogging thing and then sat at one of the knoll top gazebo benches to take the stormy picture you see here.

Soon I was back on the road, heading east towards Walmart. That takes about another minute. I began seeing streaks of lightning not too far away. Rain began pelting by the time I got to the Walmart parking lot. Inside Walmart I began hearing thunder booming.

My time in Walmart lasted about ten minutes. I'd parked fairly close to the entry, so I did not get too wet getting to my vehicle.

On the short drive back to my abode lightning was striking to the left of me, the right of me and behind me. One strike was simultaneous with the thunder and shook the vehicle like an earthquake.

I sped up.

Soon I was under the protection of my covered parking. The rain was not downpouring as hard as yesterday's flash flooding level of downpouring. I made a run for it and got to cover without getting too wet.

This is now three days in a row of this Wichita Falls inclement weather nonsense.

I have yet to hear the tornado sirens blaring in Wichita Falls. Do they not do a weekly test like they do in Fort Worth on Wednesdays at noon?

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