Saturday, June 4, 2016

Getting Goosed In Lucy Park Before Getting Drenched In Walmart

This Saturday morning started off with an almost zero visibility fog. I think I mentioned that earlier today.

As the morning progressed the fog lifted, revealing a bright blue sky which had not been visible for many days in a row.

With the return of a blue sky and extreme humidity I felt the need to commune with nature.

Lucy Park was my commune choice for the day, along with a lot of other people.

Lucy Park is the biggest park in Wichita Falls, I think. Maybe Lake Wichita Park is bigger. Today in Lucy Park I discovered a very well done series of ponds, home to flocks of geese, ducks and turtles. With multiple swinging benches hidden in shady locations affording a peaceful relaxing viewing platform.

My first surprise upon reaching this location was that which you see above. A bridge. On the bridge is a sign warning "Caution on Suspension Bridge".

Suspension Bridge?

And then I took one step on to the Suspension Bridge to find myself on the swingiest Suspension Bridge I have ever been suspended on. This Suspension Bridge appeared to be quite an attraction. I watched as vehicles would arrive, park in the pond parking lot and then the vehicle occupants cautiously make  their way across the swinging bridge.

As I walked on the trail that surrounds the ponds eventually I came to a big flock of Geese. I have had run ins with Geese before. Geese can be a bit aggressive. Which was the case today. That goose you see below, with his head bending down, would not let me pass. When I stepped closer he made goose barking noises and moved aggressively towards me. I have had a goose goose me before.  It is a painful bite.

I turned around and re-traced my steps, not wanting to force the right of passage issue with the trail blocking goose.

If you ever find yourself in Wichita Falls and find your way to Lucy Park, you will find the Goose Duck Pond at the southwest side of the park, near the westernmost park entry.

I YouTubed video of swinging across the Suspension Bridge, along with a bit of a look at the east end of the Lucy Park Goose Duck Pond....

Oh. One more thing. The clear blue sky did not last. Around four this afternoon the sky turned dark, soon a strong wind blew, thunder rumbled in the distance. And then came a downpour. A drenching downpour. This seemed a good time to go to Walmart. And so I did. The drive there was a bit challenging. I enjoyed running into Walmart through the drenching rain. Inside the Walmart entry stood dozens of locals not wanting to get wet.

Methinks Wichita Fallers are rain babies. I think they may be out of practice, not yet used to the wet stuff after their five year drought.

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