Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day To My Dad

That would be my dad you are looking at here, way back decades ago in the previous century.

That adorable baby, who looks to be only a few months old, would be me.

I am assuming this photo opportunity took place in Eugene, Oregon, which was the town I was born in.

Or maybe this photo was taken up north, in Lynden, Washington, on my first visit to see my grandparental units.

I suspect I was older when the first of many trips to Lynden took place. I don't think I'd met my maternal grandparental units before the below photo was sent to my Grandma and Grandpa Porter.

As far back as my memory goes I remember being told that when Grandpa Porter saw the above photo he wired money to Eugene telling my mom and dad to get that boy some clothes.

I do not remember, for sure, when the last time was where all my dad's children were at the same place at the same time. It may have been when the below photo was taken.

This was in my sister in the middle's backyard in Kent, Washington, where we were assembled for mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary, which is August 6, but as always seems to happen for mom and dad's significant number wedding anniversary parties, the party takes place on August 11.

My birthday.

At this particular 50th wedding anniversary I was not expected to attend. But I solo drove from Texas, with only Spencer Jack's dad and his uncle knowing I was heading north. Since I was not expected, but arrived anyway, a hurried makeshift birthday card was cobbled together and given to me. I recollect saying something like "Is this all I get? No presents?"

Hard to believe, this coming August 11 it will be 15 years since the above photo was taken. Grandma Vera, sitting next to my mom, is no longer with us. Nor are several others who were there that day. Like my mom's little sister, Aunt Mike. And my dad's little brother, Uncle Mel. And longtime family friend, Glen Youngren.

I have no idea why my little sister, Michele, now the mother of David, Theo and Ruby, appears to be taller than any of her siblings, because she is not.

Anyway, Happy Father's Day to my Dad and all the other Dad's out there....

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